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January 19, 2013 putting up ... the subjects for this coming week's clearly show are already forming into A really critical and enlightening display ... i have uncovered some Really appealing historic occurrences dealing with cometary alignments With all the planets .

Could 26, 2012 publishing ... Very first Country !!! get started residing your personal democracy ... i produced this concept as a way to return to our democratic origins that does not demand elections or candidates or conferences ... our country has been taken above by psychopaths and mongrel thieves that call on their own bankers ... our elections are fixed and nearly all persons are far too dumbed down to assume that what they were taught in grade faculty can be flawed ... our boarders are already around-run by individuals hunting for a handout that have no clue what democracy which country are all about ... democracy and liberty of expression are merely phrases that liars in congress every one of the way right down to your local governments use to hide powering ... the answer ... start off living your very own democracy ... i call it Very first Country ... you don't will need an election or perhaps a candidate or a meeting ... you merely make a decision sooner or later that you're not participating in the bullshit any more ... you can do this by halting payments to unlawful banking fraud ... quit supporting imaginary revenue and guidelines which were passed by folks who had been hardly ever elected by authentic elections OR guidelines which have been put in by governing administration "organizations" which have been crammed with people who were being by no means elected .

March 14, 2014 submitting ... my professional free of charge radio exhibit is currently posted about the archive sub-web page ... be part of me as i talk about the next topics ... the banning of Tesla Car immediate sales in New Jersey and various states ... WOW a great deal free of charge business in the good ole United states !!! when you compete While using the colossus mega corps you will be banned from undertaking business enterprise ... have things actually gone that much south ??? i also go over the photo voltaic and climatic conditions ... electrical effects close to earthquake zones ... the Micro Delicate Home windows scam which has held the pc world hostage And exactly how to eliminate it .

April 08, 2013 ... National Climate Provider are not able to forecast the climate even a person day trip anymore ... for decades of course I've viewed and monitored climate over a world huge basis ... currently the National Climate Company has long been Up to now from whack that 1 miracles why they even exist ... i listened to they've an "modern new method" by which they provide far more comprehensive predictions for critical weather ... ahead of they do they want in order to predict the climate ... just an illustration ... wherever i was yesterday the prediction called for 59 levels and Tremendous sunny ..

It appears like the start of a possible civil war with buildings burning plus the armed forces out within the streets.

August 09, 2013 ... EMERGENCY ANNOUNCEMENT !!! because of the level of misinformation coming out i am telling my audience which you ought to put together for a possible future Bogus flag celestial party meant to just take down the electric grid ... either a Bogus solar "kill shot" or other occasion that would induce the world "leaders" and their minions to pull the electrical grid throughout the world ... this may be the mandatory call to release the throngs of foreign troops which have been getting into the region for a few time ... understand that this could only past a short time right until a far more long-lasting Regulate is often placed ... the leaders are not so Silly as to feel the foreign troops wouldn't Manage versus them .

July 26, 2014 putting up ... missing Malaysia Air and shot down Malaysia air airplane update ... new stories have surfaced shedding far more light-weight within the allegedly shot down airliner during the Ukraine ... there is definitely a dilemma Together with the Formal Tale ... I'm just noting this on my site to indicate which the war mongers in washington Possess a developing believability issue with this incident and certainly You can find some rotten fish in denmark as they say (practically In this instance) .

November 29, 2013 ... the STEREO and SOHO outputs staying released to the public are of these minimal quality that they're basically worthless for true scientific value ... do you think that This really is what the tier I scientists see ??? a house of comets depending on my Plasma Discharge Comet Model is the fact comets exhibit the heavy metals within their tails as they pull in atoms near the Sunshine .

July 19, 2012 putting up ... THIS WEEK'S SHOW IS A MUST LISTEN ... my weekly radio clearly show has become posted within the archive sub-website page ... I'd hassle with my relationship to WWCR in Nashville so each the online market place feed and also the shortwave feed have been really terrible ... be sure to pay attention to the archive and we're working on the reason for the negative relationship ... In this particular 7 days's radio present principal topic i take care of The subject of World X and evaluate the 1991 revealed summary of Naval Observatory's Robert S. Harrington who unexpectedly died after publishing the report that they have been making the ultimate measurements of The placement of Earth X ... nay sayers make an effort to dismiss this report but it had been funded by NASA and described inside a NASA journal .

August 01, 2014 submitting ... my weekly radio exhibit is now posted on the archive sub-web page ... be a part of me as i examine a brand new Strength program that could be scaled to just about everywhere from compact home systems to significant megasystems that will have potential to exchange nuclear reactors and coal plants ... this is simply not tesla engineering ... it's demonstrated and is particularly my contribution for the future of our World ... the method will likely be an open up architecture without any patents ... i also examine the the latest airliner shoot  down in russia and the fact that the United states has not submitted a shred of evidence this was performed by russia or separatists while in the ukraine .

September 26, 2014 posting ... the weekly radio exhibit has become posted around the archive Website ... i stand in awe at the absolute ignorance of the general US Startup box set Season 3 populace ... WOW ... very few folks have even the faintest clue of what's seriously occurring while in the world ... supposedly "educated" people today residing in a complete fog .

December 11, 2014 posting ... be part of me on my weekly radio display for an assessment of new postings with phony information concerning the Rosetta Mission to a comet and with regards to stories of organic molecules ... learn how the news is twisted and distorted to advertise the fairy tale science that may be pawned off on the public .

How the hell does NASA know that this comet would be the most significant comet to go through our solar procedure considering that and for X amout of time?...Unless they know what you already know... that comets usually are not filthy snowballs and that The sunshine emitting from it'll don't have anything to perform with ice being ejected from It can be core at superior velocities, and that only a truly large and electrically billed comet could quite possibly glow like they say it is going to.

JANUARY 28, 2014 ... an exciting Winter season/weather actuality ... Are you aware that Minnesota has the widest swing of temperatures of anywhere straight from the source on earth ... its substantial records defeat all states and small documents once more beats all states ... that will appear odd however the prolonged eighteen hour summer months times with plenty of Startup Season 3 dvd collection sun overhead with minor time to chill down during the night time additionally winds with the south travel its temps in to the one hundred's wherever as the opposite occurs from the Wintertime .

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